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It’s not just four years. It’s forever. In 1851 at Wesleyan Female College, Eugenia Tucker and her circle of friends established a tradition of excellence when they set out to unite college women in the bonds of sisterhood. This tradition of excellence lives on through our alumnae members, who through their involvement with collegiate chapters, alumnae associations, and the international organization, illustrate the principles upon which we were founded. Alpha Delta Pi is for a lifetime!

Notable Alpha Beta Alumnae 

Sarah Snell Harder 

Sarah served as the National President of AAUW in 1987, and the Vice President of International Federation of University Women in 1996. 

Andrea Larabee 

Andrea served Alpha Delta Pi as a Leadership Consultant during the 2017-2018 school year. She travelled around the country to different ADPi chapters to help them improved in all aspects of chapter life. 

Sheri Salata 

Sheri served as the Co-President of Oprah Winfrey Network along with Nancy Hala. She is the now the President of Harpo Productions. 

Amanda Sloan 

Amanda currently serves as Alpha Delta Pi's International Vice President for Collegiate Membership. We are lucky to have an Alpha Beta sister on our Grand Council! 

Virginia Rosenberg Stafford 

Virginia served as Alpha Delta Pi Grand Secretary from 1971-75 and Alpha Delta Pi Grand President from 1977-83. She was inducted into the Order of Omega Hall of Fame at the 2018 Iowa FSL Awards for her life-long service to Alpha Delta Pi and the National Panhellenic Conference. 

Connect with Alpha Beta's Alumnae Relations Chair, Regan, at: abalphadeltapi@gmail.com 

Join one of our nearby alumnae associations:  

Eastern Iowa Alumnae Association: adpieiowa@gmail.com 

Central Iowa Alumnae Association: dmadpi@gmail.com 

Chicago Alumnae Association: caa.alphadeltapi@gmail.com 

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